Friday, 19 February 2016

2016, different year same shit?

Reading my last post I couldn't help but laugh. I'm currently in my second year of study, really I'm studying audio production, but I also do a performance paper on guitar. Currently I am baked, sitting here deleting all of my games that somehow I managed to reinstall over the break, typical.

I've done bugger all singing and songwriting since I began this course, the workload of songs to learn and audio assignments keeps me away from that. I'm learning so much musically, all sorts of music theory stuff, I have written one song using a mode of melodic minor (basically you end up with very strange chords, compared to pop music at least). I have huge doubts about ever becoming a songwriter, but I do hope to find some sort of rewarding employment within the music industry that will still allow me the time to write, even if it's just for me. I'm picking I'll be back to fixing cars in no time once the course is finished, temporarily I hope.

In regards to the girl I met, we're still together, will be coming up on a year soon. Out of any girl I've met/been with so far in my life, she's the most likely to be 'the one', if such a thing exists. Time will tell, I have no idea where I'll head next, but it'll be new and exciting.

Now, back to deleting those games!

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