Friday, 17 April 2015

The Problem is Me.

So I quit my job. My income consists of student allowance and the occasional day at a garage (getting paid $7 an hour more than I used to too). It's half one in the morning, I'm baked, deleting all games off my computer. Minecraft, Diablo III (and II), Doom and everything I bought on Steam. I spent my holidays fucking about, with the odd bit of music practice thrown in. I have an assignment due in a little under a week. Two weeks off and I finally made a start on the last Friday, the problem is me.

I'm quitting video games. Well, at home anyway. Diablo III has a nice little feature that tells you how many hours you've played a particular character that you've created. Moments ago I went through and got rid of hundreds of hours work.

I need to spend that time living music, when I close my eyes and daydream I don't want to daydream about computer games, I want to daydream about music. This is likely the only time in my life I'll have the opportunity to spend a large portion of my day working on music and I've been wasting so, so much of it doing something entertaining but pointless.

From tomorrow I don't allow myself that comfort, it's all to easy smoke cone, chuck on a movie or a game and immerse yourself in whatever you want.

On another note I've started trying to use nicotine to help maintain focus. It's in gum form at the moment but I have patches to try then if it works I might get a vaporizer.

I've also met a girl...

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